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Mag(gie) + Lyn(n)’s Dream​.

Lynn and Maggie couldn’t keep their dream to themselves. They welcomed many talented friends and family members who also created handmade artwork into the Maglyn’s Dream Artist Family, establishing Maglyn’s Dream in New Paltz, NY as a creative oasis where you could find a stunning array of handmade elegance and creativity, and where each item had a special story behind it.

Keeping it going!

In 2020, Maglyn’s Dream has stuck to its roots while still reaching for the stars. Art is meant to be enjoyed by all, not just the few collectors. So, we hunt for the best artists you’ve never met: glassblowers, potters, painters, jewelers, soapers, woodworkers and more! Some create art for the sake of art and others create it to elevate every day experiences.

On the hunt to bring you handmade!

We have never faltered from our mission to bring you handmade goods with good character: we make an effort to shop local first, showcasing the talent of artists throughout the Hudson Valley! And, like you, we have grown and learned: pushing to discover more sustainable options to help their customers help the Earth.


Our Story

A creative oasis where you can find a stunning array of handmade elegance and creativity.

Local, American, International?! Oh my!

Maglyn’s Dream features over 80 American artists on a semi-permanent basis, as well as curating a rotating selection of American and International Artists to help you find something truly unique.


our store


the jewelry room


our creations

Maglyn’s Dream was established in 2002 by two good friends: Lynn Oldmixon and Maggie Havens who dreamed of owning a shop for their unique hand-crocheted accessories. That May, they followed their dream and opened a small shop in New Paltz, NY. That’s even how we ended up with the shop’s name! 


Hosting over 80 artists

We work with local artists who handcraft their work in the Hudson Valley, as well as American and International artists.


Hudson Valley Artists

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