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Glass Ring Holders

Glass Ring Holders


The perfect place to keep your most precious ring is, of course, on your finger. But there are times when you want to take your ring off for a little while - to wash the dishes, to apply lotion, to shower, perhaps to sleep. Henrietta Glass's Ring Holder creates a safe and beautiful place for your ring to wait for your return.


Available Colors:


Green & Blue


Red & Plum

Cherry & Yellow



Please note that it can be very difficult to photograph solid glass. The view that gives the best idea of the ring holder's shape makes the color look extremely dark. We have therefore provided a detail view to show the true color for each ring holder. In person, from most all possible views the ring holder's coloration will look like the 'swatch' shown in the corner.


Made by Henrietta Glass


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We work with local artists who handcraft their work in the Hudson Valley, as well as American and International artists.


Hudson Valley Artists

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