Vanessa Yanow

​Vanessa Yanow is a Montreal born and based artist who works primarily with textiles, flame worked glass and found objects. Vanessa has received numerous grants and scholarships, and has been reviewed and featured in many North American publications as an exceptional fine craftsperson, but her BFA in Paint from RISD points the way back to a grounding in the visual arts, lending her work a unique strength that defies categorisation. Her jewelry and sculptural creations have been reviewed and highlighted in several magazines and newspapers. She has been profiled on TV5 and has received several grants and awards for her work in the arts. Her sculptural work has been shown in museums in Canada, and in galleries and art fairs internationally. Her sculptural work is also part of the city of Montreal’s permanent collection and in the Musée National in Québec City. Vanessa currently lives and works in Montreal at The Long Haul – A visual art workspace for local artists, gallery and non profit organisation that she co-founded in 2001 with her partner John Tinholt.

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