Spiritiles by Houston Llew

Houston Llew and his team of artists create beautiful, detailed wall tiles made of glass, copper, and wood in their Atlanta, GA studios. Each tile tells a unique story with a quote running along its sides, and a shimmering image inspired by the quote on it’s front. These tiles are made to resonate with the very core of those who see them and read them.

To make these works of art, finely ground colored glass is handpainted on copper, then individually fired by at kiln at 1500 degrees. It’s like drawing with sand, Houston says, then toasting it on a very hot fire. This process ensures that the tiles will never fade or tarnish, and are created to endure for generations.

To collectors, Spiritiles are a way to visually share the brilliant moments that make up the story of their life. As gifts, they share special moments with the people you love.