Asta Glass

Isn't it so much more enjoyable to sip a cocktail or a fine wine from a unique and beautiful glass?

We think so!

So at Asta Glass we've created our own original bar glasses - some elegant, some whimsical. Our designs are carefully applied to each glass by hand and the glass is finished right here in our studio near San Francisco.

Asta Glass maintains its original vow of providing an interesting and fun product at a very good price, and we try our best to bring you great service with the utmost civility. We like to think that somewhere, we've made someone's day, every day.

With a line of Bride Groom champagne/wine/on-the-rocks/shot glasses, and martini glasses with earrings to match bridesmaids dresses, Asta Glass can be your one-stop-shop for all your bridal stemware needs.

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